James (ibaraki) wrote in slsk_slackers,

dystopiaq002 - Incentive : no justice, no peace - AVAILABLE NOW FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

Incentive : no justice, no peace - AVAILABLE NOW


01 paranoid enough to nuke (intro)
02 palin rape kit
03 egypt, 2009
04 secondary colours
05 nosferateu’s last dance
06 comely
07 change you can’t believe in.
08 sorry, no conclusion
09 no justice, no peace

The new release from Incentive. 9 tracks of abrasive, sound card melting electronic noise. Incentive blends elements of noise, power electronics, digital hardcore and industrial.

Be sure to visit Dystopiaq at www.dystopiaq.com for more information and other free downloads from other artists.
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